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Ljubljana literary trail

Avtor: Sebastjan Pregelj, Gašper Troha

  • leto izida: 2011
  • št. str.: 116
  • isbn: 9789612423629
  • cena: 15,00 EUR

O knjigi

Towns are complex organisms. Their nature is defined by their inhabitants and their history, so it is possible to discover them in a variety of ways. We can explore them along various paths, but for Ljubljana a literary trail seems especially appropriate. Throughout history Slovenes have substituted their political elite with writers and poets. It is not surprising therefore that right at the centre of town, where our literary trail begins, we find the monument to the Slovene national poet France Prešeren. Along this trail you will travel in time from the 16th century, when Primož Trubar wrote the first book in the Slovene language, to the late 20th century and the death of Lojze Kovačič. You will be shown buildings where our poets and writers lived and worked, but also find out about buildings that have long disappeared; nineteen points complete with photographs of the locations and portraits of the authors that represent the very pinnacle of the Slovene literary canon. At each point the author associated with the location is presented. Not only are the basic details of their birth and death given, the authors are also placed within a wider European and world literary context. Poets and writers who influenced the author's opus are listed to facilitate an understanding of the kind of literature they produced. The walk lasts around an hour and will take you through the centre of old Ljubljana.

O avtorju

Sebastjan Pregelj (1970, Ljubljana) je pisatelj. Njegove kratke zgodbe so uvrščene v več tujih antologij. Trikrat je bil nominiran za nagrado kresnik. Z mladinskimi Zgodbami s konca kamene dobe je bil nominiran za nagrado desetnica.

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